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Shipping Policy

Inkly.ca ensures to keep turnaround times for printing and shipping down to a minimum, and we strive to provide the quickest service that we can push through our doors. Some addresses and postal codes are currently not compatible with our shipping options. In most cases, you will be prompted for in-store pickup if we cannot ship to your location. In you are not prompted for in-store pickup and we cannot ship your order due to limitations on our courier service, we will contact you to offer either an alternative shipping method that may have a different charge involved, or offer a refund of your order before it is printed. However, it is important to note that some shipping parameters are out of our control, as they are handled by either FedEx® or UPS®, depending on your location and the product ordered. 


It is your responsibility to ensure that you provide an accurate shipping address when checking out and placing your order. After payment is received, we cannot change the shipping address of your job. Cited turnaround times do not include shipping transit times, however you should expect your product to arrive within a day to a week after the printing turnaround time is elapsed, and that when your product is delivered, a signature may not be required for delivery, making it your responsibility to either pick up the product at the provided shipping address or receive it as soon as possible when delivered. Therefore Inkly.ca assumes no liability for damaged, stolen or "missing" products that have been delivered to your provided shipping address as a result of you not taking the delivered product into your own keeping. Ample time should be allowed between the time your order is placed and when you need your order delivered by, as delays, including but not limited to, inclement weather, or traffic, may occur with our shipping courier, and your product may not be delivered in time. Therefore, you should assume all cited turnaround times for both printing and shipping times as "approximates", as delays may occur on either end of the process, even though Inkly.ca makes every effort to ensure the quick and convenient printing and delivery of our products.


PayPal® and PayPal.com® are trademarks of PayPal and it’s licensors. FedEx® is a respective trademark of FedEx Corporation. UPS® is a respective trademark of United Parcel Services®, Inc. Inkly.ca does not endorse any third-parties listed within this document.

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