Privacy Policy values the privacy of any personal information submitted to through the means of web, writing or vocal communication. 'Personal information' refers to any of the information of someone's residential or business address, as well as all other contact information pertaining to this one person or their organization/business. Personal information will not be given, shared or released to any third party, except for when required for printing and shipping purposes when uses sub-contractors. At some points, clients' personal information may be used and stored on third-party software, or online software that is used for communications, project and finance handling. It will only stay with for communication reasons, unless required to deliver, produce, or ship the product ordered by the customer. At some points, we may send you or Quedge Design (parent company) material such as promotional information to your address via mail or e-mail. Even though we strive our best to maintain confidentiality of material submitted by the client through communications, we cannot guarantee confidentiality of any content submitted to in an online manner, this includes uploaded content.


All projects/designs/prints that have been completed by for any of our current and past clients, may be used in's promotional matter that may be displayed through any electronic and print means of display/reproduction/promotion/marketing. Also, we cannot guarantee the privacy of content that is produced by in any matter. This is because production of this content (such as printing) may be sent to sub-contractors (such as printing companies) and it is not in our supervision of their handling of content. If you do wish to hide some or any content to be displayed on any promotional material/any electronic and printed means of display/reproduction, please contact immediately after receiving your invoice at